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Terms of Service

Retro game camp (following, our shop) is, our shop (hereinafter referred to as the "site".) Site, which operates on the use of the following as "Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as this Agreement.)" You define the . Therefore, in order to use this site, you need to have you agree to all of these Terms and Conditions.

Article 1 (user credentials)

On the Terms of approval and the user, products that the solicitation shop is of application in the use of this site that our shop is operated by using the Internet, services (hereinafter referred to as "goods, etc.".) Shop, the purchase request (and shall include the conclusion of the service provider agreement. hereinafter the same.) you say the person who has the.

Article 2 (sales contract)

  1. The user shall apply for purchase of goods or the like by way of the provisions of our shop.
  2. Between the user and the shop by to accept our shop for the application from the user Sales contract (which shall include the provision of contract services. Hereinafter the same.) Is I shall be satisfied.
  3. The user, after the user has signed up to buy such goods, even before the establishment of the sales contract, you shall not be able to cancel the application.
  4. Our shop, assume that you can be free to determine whether or not the shop for the application from the user to accept.
  5. The user shall pay the price of the commodity, etc. until such time as the provisions of the shop by the method to the provisions of our shop.
  6. The user, if you did not pay the price of the commodity, etc. until such time as the provisions of the shop, to the shop, and shall pay the delay damages due to annual rate of 14, 6 percent.
  7. Users can transfer the generated right on the basis of the sale and purchase agreement with our shop to a third party, we shall not be able to perform any and all of disposal such as subjected to collateral.
  8. Our shop, if the shop has received the application for more inventory quantity that ensures, even after the sales contract established, and shall be able to carry out the cancellation of the contract. In that case, if the shop has already received the price of the commodity and the like from a user, it shall be refunded to the user.
  9. Our shop, if the user does not pay the price of the commodity, etc. until such time as the provisions of the shop, it shall be able to release the any of notification no sales contract.
    Even if the shop has canceled the contract of sale, shop, user hand, it shall be able to claim compensation of damage caused to our shop.
  10. Our shop, if you want to fall under any of the reasons specified below, after you accept the sales contract will also assume that it is possible to revoke the consent.
    1. If the user is in breach of the past to the present Terms
    2. If the user was false to the matters that were reported to the shop at the time of application, a clerical error or omissions.
    3. If there is that the user has failed to pay the debt for our shop.
    4. If the user is a fact that the return or receipt refusal of such rational reasons rather than goods.
    5. If Our shop is the price of goods such as that presented in this site, in other sales conditions, that there was a clear clerical error was found.
    6. If the other shop is determined to be unsuitable.

Article 3 (delivery of goods, etc.)

  1. Our shop, unless the shop is especially recognized, and the installation of products such as when the commodity such as delivery, you shall not take the recovery such as unpacking, and packaging material.
  2. Delivery date of the product, our shop it is assumed that any set, assume that you can not be specified delivery date at the time of application products.
  3. The user, unless notified by our predetermined method, and shall not be able to change the delivery destination of the commodity and the like.

Article 4 (shipping and handling)

Postage involved in the delivery of goods, etc., our shop is with the exception of the specified commodity, all it is assumed that the user burden.
Also, if the user has ordered by specifying the cash on delivery system, user fees and shall bear.

Article 5 (returned goods and exchange of goods, etc.)

  1. The user, only if it corresponds to one of the reasons specified below, to store, and shall be able to determine the exchange of goods, and the like.
    However, the exchange of goods or the like based on this section No. 2 and No. 3, in a state of goods, etc. unopened and unused, if you were arriving goods, etc. to shop within 7 days from the arrival of the goods, etc. it is assumed to be limited.
    1. If there is a defect in the product, etc.
    2. If the damage stain occurs in the product or the like by accident during delivery
    3. If the user has been delivered the goods, etc. with different products such as ordered by our shop of malpractice And (such as instruments whose goods or the like and the user who ordered the intended or expected it does not include a case in which different products or the like is delivered.)
  2. The user, for our shop, we shall not be able to seek the return of returns and price of the commodity, and the like.
    However, in accordance with the preceding set, users despite the can seek the exchange of goods, etc. to the shop, only if the exchange of goods, etc. is not possible due to our convenience, the user, to return the goods, etc. it shall be possible.
    If the shop has admitted a return of such goods, shop, assumes that you want to refund the price of the commodity and the like to the user by the method of our specification.

Article 6 (prohibited acts)

  1. The user, in use of the site, by performing the act that there is act or fear that corresponds to one of the following each item you want and shall not.
    1. Acts to be used with a wrongful purpose of this site
    2. Our shop, the Group and the business partners and other third parties trademark rights, copyright, design rights, intellectual property rights, such as patent rights, portrait rights, the act of infringement of publicity rights or other rights
    3. Our shop, the Group and the business alliance companies to damage the honor or credit of other third parties, or violate the privacy act
    4. Acts that lead to crime of fraud, etc.
    5. Act of using this site by pretending to be a third party
    6. Computer viruses such as sending or offer to act harmful programs and the like, or recommended action
    7. Our shop, and tamper with the information of the Group and the business partners and other third parties, act to erase
    8. OUr shop, and unauthorized use of the Group and business partners and other third party equipment, or the act of giving a hindrance to its operations
    9. Laws and regulations, act in violation of this Agreement or public order and morality
    10. Line that interfere with the operation of this site
    11. It acts that other shop is determined to be inappropriate
  2. By user violates this Agreement, if the shop has suffered some kind of damage, our shop shall be the compensation for damages to the user.

Article 7 (our range of responsibility)

  1. Our shop, with respect to our merchandise and the like sold to a user, if the damage to the user based on the hidden upcoming defects of reasons attributable or products, etc. of our occurs, only to direct damages, and damages as an upper limit the sale price, etc. and compensation.
  2. Our shop, when a user using this site and shall not guarantee that it is not damaged by the harmful programs like such as computer viruses.
  3. Our shop, any equipment used by the user when using this site, for the software, and shall not in any way the operation guarantee.
  4. Our shop, the communication cost that users encounter when using this site, you shall not bear any.
  5. This section are those that were defined all of our responsibility to the user, our shop, in any case, lost profits of the user, indirect damages, and special damages, which do not compensate the provisions with no damage to the attorneys' fees and other terms of this section you.

Article 8 (Terms of change)

Our shop, this agreement without prior notice, it shall be able to change. If you change this Agreement, all matters related to this site it is assumed by the Terms after the change.

Article 9 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

  1. Terms of governing law I will with Japanese law.
  2. If a lawsuit between a shop and "service contractor" has occurred, and the court having jurisdiction over the shop location of first instance exclusive jurisdiction court.

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April 1, 2015 enactment

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