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About Returns

Q:Is possible returning after purchase?

A:If the product apply in the following table will be possible return.
*** Required *** Please contact us within days wrote bellow.
*** If the product apply to the following [Out of Warranty] is not covered by warranty. ***

Days 7days from arrival
Condition Packing material is not torn Initial failure
details and shipping Return postage is paid by the customer.
Please pack with no damage if there is a commodity damage, it will be non-returnable.
  1. There is no obvious scratch dent etc. damage compared with before shipping
  2. There is no and accessories when it is sold by all gathered scratch dent etc. damage
  3. There is no improper treatment such as a drop in handling carelessness of goods
  4. And not due to product specifications and customers of wrong usage, a state that does not demonstrate the product original performance
    *** We pay for shipping for initial failure.
What you need Purchasing specification(Reciept)

Out of Warranty

  1. In Used cell phones you have lost (1) the purchase specification (2) warranty receipt, in the used comics and used games, you have lost (1) the purchase specification.
  2. When you have passed 7 days from the commodity arrival date (Unopened goods also applies) 
    Example:)January 1st goods arrival → January 8th and possible return untill 23:59:59, January 9th 0:00 it will be non-returnable.
  3. The returned goods by non-bug related to basic operation of the product
  4. The failure by the installed applications and OS updates on your side, or compatibility.
  5. If you usually had a use other than as a possible usage and environment that should be used (The trouble caused by the use of non-specified SIM card, Trouble etc. when used in tropical and frigid)
  6. LCD panel battery deterioration of consumable product is excluded.
  7. Returns by the circumstances of the customer after you open the product.
  8. After you sent us for return, if the confirmation of the defect could not be found by assessment clerk.
  9. Customers of intentional, negligence, modification or handling methods and, Failure, such as the method of use was going to was not appropriate。
  10. If a fault occurs in an external factor (Power failure, power, voltage, failure such as a cable, disaster, etc.)
  11. Lost to the accompanying products and accessories or, if you have damaged
  12. When a new contract-model change, fees
  13. Repair price
  14. Guarantees for direct, or indirect damages associated with the initial failure of goods
  15. All of the data in the failure commodity (Including the downloaded data, music, videos, images, games, also Osaifuketai etc.)
  16. If the serial number of the returned goods products are unlike sales during the production number
  17. What is clearly non-returnable in commodity published page

About refund

After returned goods arrival, we make confirmation within 7 days and will transfer payment to you.

Contact information

Tell: 81-88-833-0147 / 81-88-834-0560
E-mail: Contact Us
Mailing address : Kochi Kitashinta-cho 7-13.,japan 780-8003
OmoshiroLandCAMP, Tomioka

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