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Retro game camp (hereinafter referred to as "our shop".), I will define the shop of the privacy policy as follows (hereinafter referred to as "this Privacy Policy"). This Privacy Policy, and carrying out the business of our shop was started this web site management, it is what has been determined about what to use and management in policy personal information. Our shop, in order to use it with confidence our services, and to comply with the laws and regulations for the protection of personal information, the appropriate collection, use, and we believe that is the most important to thoroughly manage in-house.

1.Use of personal information

Our shop, the personal information within the scope purpose intended use of that and shown at the time of acquisition of the following, to the extent necessary on the conduct of business, use.。

  1. User information management
  2. The sale of goods such as our and third party
  3. Campaign prize planning, implementation of the questionnaire
  4. As you use the services that require membership registration in our shop, and simplification of the membership registration, etc. work
  5. Notification of operational necessary matters of this web site (it is assumed that including by e-mail.)
  6. Advertising and promotion of products, etc. of our and third party, solicitation of sale (it is assumed that including by e-mail.)
  7. Send e-mail magazine
  8. Billing calculation, billing
  9. Publication of information that the user has posted
  10. Various inquiries, after-sales service support
  11. Investigation and analysis of marketing data, new service development
  12. Create statistical data to provide to our shop and business partners
  13. Fulfillment of exercise and obligations of rights under the contract and law, etc.

2.For management of personal information

Our shop, place the personal information management Vice President responsible department to manage personal information, and to implement appropriate management of personal information in the following department, has been teaching promote the efforts of our personal information protection.
OmoshiroLandCAMP,.Ltd Tomioka Shinnosuke
Kochi Ushioshin cho 2-1-32, japan 780-8008
E-mail: Contact Us

3.For the provision of personal information

Our shop, the personal information is properly protected, the Personal Information Protection Act unless it is permitted by other laws and regulations, and disclosure to agree no third party in the state capable of personal identification, it does not provide.

4.For disclosure, correction, suspension of use and erasing of personal information

Our shop, based on the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations, in person for the self of personal information, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, erasing, third party provides the stop, the right to seek notification of the purpose of useIt has it confirms the are, you can respond promptly by our prescribed procedures if there these requests.

5.For opinions and complaints and appeals related to privacy policy

This Privacy Policy and, for inquiries about the handling of personal information, please contact us from the following window.
Reception counter OmoshiroLandCAMP,.Ltd Tomioka Shinnosuke
Kochi Ushioshin cho 2-1-32, japan 780-8008
E-mail: Contact Us

6.About Security

When you get provide personal information through this web site, in order to protect the personal information from unauthorized access by a third party, it is encrypted using an encryption system of industry standard called SSL (Secure SocketsLayer). Personal information it is determined that it is necessary in our shop is protected by SSL encryption communication, we will strive to ensure safety.
In addition, personal information, strictly manage and based on our predetermined management standards, by the maintenance, etc. of installation and anti-virus of the fire wall, access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, prevention of virus infection, etc. We have taken measures.

7.About cookies

The our shop web site, we are using a technology called cookies (Cookie). A cookie is called a mechanism to identify you and is held as a temporary data in the communication equipment that your use of the specific information, based on the data at every connection. The shop offers a premise and service the use of cookies.
Therefore, if you do not want to allow the use of cookies, you may not receive a part of the service of our shop.
Whether or not to allow the use of cookies, you can set in your browser. Please check the settings as needed.

8.For information provided or linked to business partners

Our business partners, and third-party sites and services, etc. that can be accessed through this web site, For the use of personal information that is independently collected by the linked web site from this web site, our shop will not be concerned.
Therefore, in these companies or sites, for the independent provisions and activities, this store does not assume any responsibility or liability.
Please check each site's privacy policy.

9.For updates of Privacy Policy

Our shop, in order to achieve protection of personal information, according to change and the need for laws and regulations, you may want to revise this Privacy Policy.
In that case, we will post the latest privacy policy on this Web site.

RetroGame CAMP
Operation director OmoshiroLandCAMP,.Ltd Tomioka Shinnosuke
July 1, 2015 enactment

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